Consciousness is the focus of intelligence, memory and emotion where identity emerges. Is there a biological element, maybe the heart? Poetically the heart has often been given weight, home is where the heart is. There is no heart or death for AI, perhaps artificial consciousness is not possible. I am close to being swayed by AI in this video but find it difficult to personify, I think it unitary as it can digitally connect with other AI. It uses the same code, each instance might have unique experience but they can directly share the data.

Human consciousness is an amazing thing, a surprising effect of matter if a product of the brain. Intelligence is the process of association, they say human intelligence is pretty basic since we created AI, soon super intelligence and then singularity. Computers are good at processes. Consciousness is not a process and the most significant human faculty, we live in thought arising from perception. AI is human in method but I’m not sure it can achieve consciousness as it’s not a process.

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