Alabamba’s recent anti abortion laws in the US are wrong as children die at the countries border trying to escape persecution. Many have been aborted there, hardly pro life. The US Supreme Court’s decision Roe versus Wade gave women the right to abortion. That right is a valid interpretation of the constitution.

Personally I think we should treat a foetus as a person with rights, but a woman has rights too and she should be self determinate. She has absolute rights over her own body. It is her body, when pregnant not alone but it is her. So many factors to consider when pregnant. Can we both survive, together? Do we have enough money in this economic world? When does life begin, conception or birth? Can a baby in a mothers womb subvert the mother’s rights? What about the baby’s father? Are his rights ever challenged?

One thought on “Abortion

  1. As a woman and a pro-rights feminist, I agree wholeheartedly!