Fellow coma victims,

I needed to calculate my age recently, something we always just know automatically. When thinking about a family event, my mothers 80th birthday, age was a point of interest for me, to compare my age to other siblings in a photo. I had to calculate my own age. My word the coma has effected my mind. I had to think of the year I was born, I remember that still, and calculate from the current year. Something we just know, a brute fact, I can forget because of my coma, I mostly recall my age but not when I summoned it.

I’m 48, I will remember my age now, I always knew I was old but when my mind needed the actual figure I couldn’t remember what age I was. I knew it was near 50 which is true. It’s just normal functioning of the brain to remember ones age immediately. I know now that coma causes this kind of thing, displacement of the individual. We will get there if we keep trying to think of ways to combat the damage caused. It really has become the focus of my life, my recovery, normalisation, that and to be happily married. Is that a normal thought? That and the cramps I always get in my right foot, quite a common affliction the Internet tells me. Drinking not enough water and bad circulation the main causes listed, nothing about coma.

5 Replies to “Age”

  1. Keep going Matthew, you’re doing really well. I think the line you quoted was from a Steve Kilbey song from one of his solo albums.. ☺ Terry

  2. Displacement of the individual, such a great description of it I think, we will all be/are being displaced, an epidemic of coma that you are coming out of