Alternative facts are not a genre like alternative music. A victim of the US election has been fact, the truth. Indeed media has reported facts that have been challenged by Trump. A hallmark of western democracy is independent media. In some countries media is controlled, Russia and China come to mind. CNN now says people should Google it to check facts for themselves.

The White House press secretary clearly lied when he said that Trump’s inauguration was attended by the most people ever. Obama’s inauguration in 2009 was attended by more people according to some estimates. The figure for Trump was around 550,000 and Obama 1.1 million. A Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway said  the press secretary’s statements were ‘alternative facts’, a new type of fact, perhaps ‘false facts’ would be more accurate.

Google it, so much for freedom of the press… better for a US president to be an ex actor like Ronald Reagan rather than an ex reality TV star like Trump… not to mention Trump is a billionaire which is a very different world from the average person…

3 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Knowledge is power…and knowledge in the Trump era appears to be doctored and manipulated for control and authoritarian dominance. Soon, we’ll not be able to trust the “facts” and “figures” that are being funnelled through mainstream media which is feeling the heat of censorship and suppression from the powers that be. From spirituality or religion, humanity has indeed evolved to embrace rationality, scientific empiricism and materialism which gave rise to individualism. I agree with you that the pendulum looks poised to swing back to the other end – spiritualism, communion with gods, spirits and our community. Instead of watching the news for facts and figures, and information about the world we live in, we can reach out to our gods, angels and spirit guides for insights, wisdom, universal knowledge, and see with our mind’s eyes.

  2. While I think Russian and Chinese news sources are better than the American ones there are some very interesting alternative news sources that the MSM has been trying to label fake. I read them all a little bit for the cross section of it. Go alternative facts. Obama waged war on whistleblowers. There will probably be more of the same. I agree with Angeline – we need direct intuitive knowledge.

  3. That is how Russian and Chinese media is portrayed by western media, government controlled… a quagmire, media upon media, what is fact in it all… Personally I have always been wary of the media wondering why they are reporting what they do and to whose ends…