Catching the MRT train today I couldn’t help thinking that humans are just like ants. We are very orderly like an ant farm. Good at following instructions and performing repetitive tasks. Why not? We are like ants in being alive, living and existing. Except for art and thought we are like them going through the hum drum of life. We look like ants all filing to get on board the train or shopping and stuff. I often wonder where the inspiration comes from, except music, literature etc, we merely follow orders. Why not focus more on the heights of humanity, I’ll try my best to do that. Perhaps we appear as ants to our alien friends, maybe thought is merely a byproduct of life and we live according to our invented rules, ants have no thought I suspect, just reaction to stimulus. Like an ant I must return to a previous habit, a macchiato my friend.

One thought on “Ants

  1. So true to the bone that we’re just like ants in the way we go about our routined and somewhat monotonous daily lives…but unlike ants, we don’t always work as a team for the greater good nor are we as efficient or good at communicating with one another as ants are. I’ve studied ants very closely since I was a child and once, came very close to getting one of those ant farms…I find them immensely fascinating.