Ao Nang

Back again to one of my favourite places in Asia, Ao Nang Thailand, but I like all of Asia. It’s good to return to a place. In that way Ao Nang is not just a beach holiday but also a memory. There I go again with my defects from coma, but I am slowly getting better. I can even remember the last time we came here, Christmas. My memory is improving. Also I’m here without my stick, I leave it in my suitcase, still have it just in case. I have a shuffle but nonetheless slow progress. I remember close friends coming here, to Golden Beach resort and I even took them to Crazy Gringo for a drink. They liked it. I must thank my wife for coming again, this place holds so many memories for us. The photo is taken at the garlic mussels restaurant we often go and where D worked. She visited us there because she now works at another outlet and came to visit on our last night.

One thought on “Ao Nang

  1. We gravitate here like moths to light, cats to catnip, fish to water. It feels like home, somewhere in our memories and somewhere in our present environment. We can let our hair down here. Our toes sink into the sand. And our eyes wander the sea for miles. It is where the past visits the present, and the present glimpses the future.