Ao Nang

Traveling again, as I’ve said before it’s therapy for coma victims. That’s just an excuse to do something and be excited about life. Thailand, flew into Krabi and a taxi to Golden Beach resort. First thing an old favourite, Crazy Gringos for a drink. On the walk to Crazies its changed just a little perhaps becoming more like any busy city, maybe losing a little of its charm, but not all, pretty much the same.

The next day to No8 for a foot massage, they were impressed with the improvement of my walking. Afterwards to the Last Fisherman for a drink, old habits remain. Tonight Aning for dinner, also have to go to my shirts maker, another fitting with the first before they make all 3.

No reason for mentioning these things in the blog, I use it as my diary, outsourcing memory. Blogs make for good diaries, not like old time having to carry a pen and book everywhere. Good for remembering ideas and events.