Ao Nang

As I said the last time I was here, coma victims should visit this place, my walking has improved again because of the daily foot massage and all the walking we do over uneven surfaces. The last time we arrived home after visiting this place I tried walking without a walking stick for 3 weeks but needed it again, perhaps I won’t require it anymore after this visit. And I always try to walk on my heels in the swimming pool here turning my ankle. It is a truly beautiful place. My memory has also been tested having been here for Christmas last time, we’ve been many times, even my memory of the more distant past seems to have improved. The people we have met this time have been quite inspiring, perhaps life changing, all a matter of belief he said. To resume my focus on the other worldly things is a habit, I was always interested in religion and belief is In the title of my book, see the page yelp. Like I have said the non-material world of thought has a different kind of reality.  It makes me wonder again if things happen for a reason. As I have said many times victims must continue to be themselves, I have always travelled a lot and am resuming normal life for me.