Well I’m at the usual coffee shop, beauty garden, where is my friend who likes the paisley shirt? What’s on my mind? All of us take the immediacy of sight as our first input, sure we think about what we see, but it’s secondary. We often trouble about how we look, appearance is important to us. It is our first judgement of people, how they look, we have eyes but also have a brain. Why do we think ourselves better than others just by the look of them? Indeed we can be superficial in this way. We should go deeper and think about people and try to understand what is on their mind. Polka dot shirts are my favourite. Another coffee my friend?

2 Replies to “Appearances”

  1. Are polka dot shirts more pleasing to the eye than paisley shirts? One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and this applies to both food and shirts 🙂 Interestingly, taking an evolutionary approach to the human eye, some scientists think that our eyes evolved from a simple light-sensitive spot on the skin of some ancestral creature which gave it some survival advantage like evading a predator. Over time, this light-sensitive patch deepened into a pit which helped to sharpen the vision, and then the pit’s opening gradually narrowed so light entered through a small aperture like a pinhole camera. According to one scientist’s calculations, 364,000 years would have been needed for a camera-like eye to evolve from a light-sensitive patch. Theoretically, if we continue to be obsessed with appearances, which are arguably a survival advantage, the human eye could undergo further evolutionary changes.

  2. Anything that suggests artifice will do, just to convey that you know that you are an actor on the stage of your life.. Polka dots, winkle pickers, and a cane – enough to turn heads in Paynesville.