Something I have been writing about alien life to contribute to a book soon to be published, just answers to 3 questions. The book will be published, the main author was ranked third for Internet sales on Amazon last week…


Question 1

Do you believe extraterrestrials are spiritual?

It is a consequence of any life form in this universe to be spiritual, so this is also true of extraterrestrials. Spirituality is a brute fact of life. It is true that we live in the physical  world, objects like tables, chairs, trees are there but it is also true that we live in the world of thought which also exists, in fact love is as much an existent of the universe as tables and chairs. Also it’s opposite hate exists, murder. All emotions truly exist like the material world. The spirit experiences these emotions in a similar way to how our bodies experience the physical world. Our emotions reveal the spiritual domain to us, the spiritual domain certainly exists, aliens know this, all human beings know that love exists, we can feel love.

Humans have binary logic, up and down, left and right, life and death, it’s so often of an oppositional nature, the binary logic system. Perhaps aliens have a different system. We don’t know what form they take or where thought can exist. Perhaps it can also exist in something like what we call gas. We all know trees are alive, perhaps they haven’t developed consciousness yet. Maybe on other worlds they also experience love, for birds and the like. We can see life all around us, cats, dogs, perhaps unicorns, we are interested in life rather than tables and chairs.

Question 2

As a lightworker and/or a spiritualist, do you believe a communication with aliens is possible and at what level?

To meet and interact with aliens is certainly possible, when we do inevitably meet them, (have we already?) their meanings and systems of thought will be difficult for us to comprehend. We live in our own invented scientific truths that are a human construct through our own systems of logic, it is a lesser view of reality. We have described gravity and observable facts quite well, have invented science to objectify the world, but have not yet invented a method of description for the spiritual domain, except poetry and literature.. For the material world we have invented measurements like cm, mm, m etc to describe it but have not yet devised a system of description for the spiritual world. We will need to evolve and communicate more deeply to meet alien life forms. We may have in events like Roswell but have not evolved enough for our interaction with them to be made public.

Question 3

Assuming that extraterrestrials are capable of proving to us that the God of the Bible does not exist, and organised religions are not telling us the truth, will these revelations undermine or affect your faith in God and the Bible?

It will be made obvious by our interaction with aliens that life is the main project of existence in the entire universe. That life is equivalent to God, and aliens are an affirmation of existence, of life. The universe is in fact teeming with life. We are planning on going to Mars soon. We humans now have, among many theories,  entanglement theory, which establishes the instantaneous communication between particles that were created in the same event now  vast distances apart, perhaps light years. Our rather crass analysis of the universe is revealing to us the intricacies of atoms in the universe, one of the most basic forms of matter. Sure aliens may tell us that our story of life in the bible is just that, a story, but they will be affirming the existence of life and the spiritual throughout the universe. Another word for this in our human vocabulary is God, life and thought. Perhaps our thoughts and stories have a real status in thought, so the bible is kind of true for some humans, perhaps just true.

3 thoughts on “Aliens

  1. The book will be published by Maximillien De Lafayette, a renowned ufologist and President of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums who has just been named by as one of their top three best-selling authors 🙂

  2. So impressed to be associated with Goethe and Steiner, I haven’t read that yet but will certainly put it on my list, to delve deeper into these thoughts… They have been on my mind so much of late

    Just watching the film ‘beautiful mind’, it’s interesting for a person to live in two mental spaces, I feel a bit like that, not through madness however, I must be an alien, from Mars mum tells me…