Watching the film ‘transcendence’ recently I can’t wait until it becomes a reality, the transference of human consciousness into a robot. We are making several films about artificial intelligence of late, another ‘ex-machina’ come to mind in which we impose human thoughts like murder into AI.

I think technology needs to take a leap forward to realise the integration of human consciousness and AI. Perhaps when we start using organic matter in computers, we already are I believe, it will provide the space for our kind of intelligence, and we then could transfer a human consciousness into a device.

I don’t think we can code for human nuances using Java or C++, we require a program where indecision is built in, a fundamental part of the code. Maybe when we are using organic cells for binary data we can make use of the biological pathways to replicate human confusion. Hopefully then I will be able to become a technological entity, I am confused .