Today is the 4th anniversary of my descent into coma, my 4th birthday as I have forgotten my past before the accident. I had the motorcycle accident on the 23rd of March 2012, my word life has changed since. I am now happily married and have returned to Singapore. My body and memory remain difficult but nonetheless I am happy. I feel my walking is gradually improving, I mostly just carry my stick now, I am always playing with my right foot and toes trying to provoke the foot to be like my good one. We seriously must keep trying, I have only noticed improvement after concentrated effort. And I could remember what I called people before coma when in the distant past I travelled to Vietnam. Maybe I have passed the worst of this ordeal. Like all children I’m eagerly anticipating getting older, perhaps when I turn 5 all of my little problems will have passed. Oh and BTW I’ve amended the page ‘Yelp’.

One thought on “Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, the love of my life, and the strongest, most courageous, uplifting, positive and inspirational person I have ever known. A beautiful soul that has blossomed and evolved its highest purpose through the most trying of human experiences.