We always seek excitement in our lives. Familiarity and repetition can be construed as boredom. I always now try to see the wonder in life, the surrounds are constantly changing, and there is often different people about, but I still can become bored. I must try and look deeper into life, sure somethings can be tiresome and then we must change, our thoughts, beliefs, environment, whatever, or try and perceive the value in the situation, for nothing can be truly boring, we are alive aren’t we and that in itself is fundamentally exciting.

One Reply to “Boredom”

  1. This totally made my day – the most penetrating treatise on a subject that would normally bore most philosophers and thinkers. Perhaps that’s the key to overcoming boredom in our daily life – finding something, someone, some scenery, some thought, some insight, etc that stimulates your mind, your sight, your five senses, so intensely that it permeates and lingers the whole day which suddenly no longer is or feels boring.