Fellow coma victims,

Given mine has been damaged by coma I began thinking about thinking, the brain is an amazing organ. The human brain has created a machine brain, artificial intelligence, which has memory and can also derive meaning. Memory is a critical thing for intelligence. My memory is also bad. My RAM isn’t there yet and problems persist with my hard drive.

The organic brain created a machine brain which can access all organic brain knowledge via the internet. The organic brain has demonstrated it’s organic intelligence throughout history. One demonstration was the calendar. The organic brain perceived seasons in the world; summer, autumn, winter, spring, and days, months, years. It observed 365 days in a year and 366 in a leap year. It added a day for leaps and created the calendar. The organic brain also heard repetition in the sounds humans made and created language, the alphabet with consonants, vowels, writing, and eventually a dictionary. The organic brain then thought about meaning and created politics, science and religion. It even created philosophy. Quite amazing human evolution when you think about it.

I suspect coma has made me appreciate human evolution. Perhaps the organic brain is like a god having created in it’s own image, then again maybe god is also an invention of the organic brain. There are so many expressions about Him. It’s a fundamental question who or what created us. Where do we come from? Us coma victims often focus on the past given we lost it.