The memory return began with Stephen, my friend, mentioning Yelza, a bar I frequented when I lived in Melbourne. He spoke of a New Year’s Eve party on the year 2000 at my place in Cambridge street, all subtle memories but

I can almost recall it. My memory has started returning through rediscovering my music collection. After Melbourne I went to Germany then when I came back home I went to Singapore, in all about 15 years. Developing my music collection has really helped, I can even remember lyrics.

3 Replies to “Breakthrough ”

  1. Breakthrough is such an apt word for the hyperactive firing of synapses after an afternoon with the Mackenzies 🙂 Imagine what two to three months in Melbourne with friends and family will do! It was a perfect Saturday afternoon – I met Max and Sam the Mackenzie twins for the first time, and caught up for the first time with Helena in years. An exciting day complete with fighter jets, tanks on the roads and fireworks because of the National Day Parade rehearsal 🙂