Russia tried to influence the US election through cyber warfare. By using social media, Hillary’s emails, hacking etc, Russia tried getting into the minds of Americans voters. This is denied by Trump who also denigrates NATO even though these partner countries lost soldiers defending US interests. While denying Russia influenced his own election he attempts to influence UK voters by speaking to the Sun newspaper critical of Theresa May and her Brexit strategy. He calls Angela Merkel a puppet of Russia because Germany is building a pipeline to get some energy. Then there is North Korean, Iran, Global Warming etc. Like Russia he attempts to influence a country, the minds of the people, and probably uses the internet too. The US has also admitted trying to influence foreign election results. And according to the UN, the richest country in the world has human poverty issues. The UN reports that the wealth gap is big in the US, other issues are health, education, prison population, racism, immigration… It seems the ideals of democracy have now failed there, Trump?