Dear fellow coma victims,

Confusion is a human condition. I think I’m recovering from coma as my mind seems to be more jumbled, confused. Perhaps it’s like it was before coma, life is sometimes confusing for everyone I think, at times a messy experience. One needs to make judgements all the time and be assertive. We are immersed in thought and judgement. I suspect these attitudes represent normality, recovery from coma.

You have to convince others of your judgements which may be disputable and lead to confusion. Judgement is opinion with room for confusion. Coma victims should learn to accept confusion rather than fight against. Confusion is actually the norm, the state of play, something to overcome. It represents an aspiration for truth. Humans have always tried to overcome confusion through the likes of science and religion. We’ve always made thought its enemy, to know, not be confused. Confusion I’m back.