Well I’m back after a days respite, at beauty garden coffee shop now. My thought for the day, no, I express thoughts for my existence here, not the day. There is quite a backlog accumulating about all manner of things, I did consider daily blogs but am trying to normalise. If you believe that a different point of view for anything on your mind could help you, please post me a comment, I reply to everyone, you’ll remain anonymous. Just open a private browser window to not provide any details about you to the website your at. A latte my friend?

7 Replies to “Existence”

  1. I certainly check my laces, they are a checkpoint for me. Soon after, with well tied laces and having proceeded to a cafe, I order a latte and check this blog. A horrorscope offers daily advice too, but I prefer this blog.

  2. Sorry my dearest friend, I’m busy planning Christmas just now, looks like, no is, a trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, my next post might be from there, a place steeped in history …