Dear fellow Coma Victims,

I’m back home after travel and typically I notice a deterioration in my walking through familiar places, it’s always been like that, but not this time. I recently had to work a bit to remember what we did in Greece, luckily this blog reminds me. I was amazed to be there after doctors said I would need institutional care for the rest of my life. My memory was deplorable then but is getting better now I think. So my one piece of advice for other victims is travel. I have posted before with lists of things to do if recovering from coma, travel was one. Hopefully my wife is taking me somewhere again soon but I do like home.

Advice given to my family was that I wasn’t going to be like before coma, but I always liked to travel. To see what other cultures make of the world, what’s their focus. For example the Japanese are respectful, in India spiritual, the west money, historically Greece is the home of thought, there are subtle differences. We are all people but have created vastly different cultures. I’m trying to arrive at what’s fundamentally human by anthropology, cross cultural analysis.

2 Replies to “Recovery”

  1. Matt, Steve here. One thing I’m noticing is an extraordinary improvement in your writing. You could always string a sentence together, but recent posts have a lovely poetic flow. That said, I’m to assume that those pics are someone else’s, yes, and that you haven’t suddenly become a brilliant portrait photographer on your travels? (Oh, and how about those Tiges!?!?!)