Well back to the main point of this blog, recovery. I suspect my right leg is slowly improving by trying to place it deliberately with every step. Walking has always been difficult since coma but focussing my mind might help. So much for just simply walking like I previously could. We recently went for a massage while in Indonesia but as always at massage centres I got cramp in my right leg and needed to stand up for a moment. My calf appears to be locked. I also often get cramp just lying in bed trying to sleep and must also take action and stand to try and overcome it. At massage and lying in bed I often get cramp, perhaps there is a better way to describe it, my muscles there go taut. Sure I’ve always had problems like that especially with my toes but it seems to be my entire leg now. I think placing the foot more deliberately is helping, just trying to be conscious of it in my mind. To relearn my leg and its operation the pathways in the brain need to become accustomed to the leg’s nuances. My brain needs to control it’s parts like toes and calf muscles.