Traveling again next week, to my country of blood, my spiritual home, Deutschland. Aber mein deutsch geht noch nicht, nur ein bisschen. I will visit my mother and fathers’ home towns Wiesbaden und Marburg. Ich hat gearbeitet in Frankfurt und Mūnchen, I worked in those places for around a year. English was the business language. Nur auf die strasse muss ich deutsch sprechen. I must try and speak German again. Veil deutsch leute könnt English. I’ll stop testing my German in this post so as not to bore english readers.

The only disappointment about going to Germany is flying, it’s so bad for the climate. My wife has to go for work so I will tag along, no excuse I know but I do like to travel. As I’ve said it’s great to see how other cultures live, what they find important which is subtly different around the world, for example Japan and India. Deutschland is very logical and systematic, with due care I think, a sophisticated country. They took around 1 million Syrian refugees. The USA today contributes to the death of people at their border trying to flee persecution. Imprisons children rather than approaching humanitarian issues. Germany is a place of yesteryear, old fashioned with historic buildings. Having been many times before one senses morality despite its history, World War 2. I might be biased, ich bin deutsch.