The U.S election is disturbing. I just watched the 2nd presidential debate and was appalled by Trump, he never answers a question directly. If he could just answer the question instead of immediately attacking his opponent we might be able to understand his thoughts and suitability. The debate was reduced to an attacking match rather than a discussion about U.S policies and the issues facing the country. We should be focussing on global warming, the equality between all human beings despite gender or race and the exploration of space to find another home before we destroy this planet. We need time for that last one.

Humans are actually quite an intelligent species when our thoughts aren’t hijacked by people like Trump. Why that election isn’t focussing on the survival of the species because of global warming and war leaves me incredibly disappointed. Watching the CNN news about Brexit it seems to me that the EU is approaching the necessity of globalisation. As they said, through technology the world has changed. To provide for all people on the planet our economy and trading must evolve to account for this new reality. Indeed as the German minister said we should globalise our economic policies. Schäuble was correct when he said there is a lack of trust with the political elite. There are many examples of that distrust, Brexit is one along with Trump.