My wife gets more than 300 emails a day from work. We need to ask three questions before we send an email, we need to question the necessity of sending it to a person, is the message for one of the following reasons?

  1. action
  2. approval
  3. information

It takes so much time to understand the content of a message, just to put your headspace into the concept is a distraction. I think there is a significant amount of time lost for each employee on unnecessary communications, in the modern world we use technology at work. Email has become one of the most important means of communication. It seems everyone wants your email address. There is spam which we can unsubscribe to. When browsing the internet there are pop up boxes asking for your email address that will spam you. You must think always before giving your email address to anything, marketing websites abound. And money is a big motivator for all, if you can get just 1 cent from all internet users you’d be rich. Over time I have managed to stop all spam and junk and only receive important emails sent to me for information, action or approval. I once received many pointless emails but no more. In truth these emails are just a case of welcome to the modern world. It’s not that much of a bother really but I’m a busy man and don’t need to descend daily into their mental pit. We don’t need to frequently wrap our brains around the unnecessary. It takes time just to decide to delete it, more time if there are many. Someone once said time is precious, very true. Just putting on my IT support hat again…