My father Karl Heinz Rudolf Homberger has moved on to the next world. He lived in two worlds here, Germany and Australia. His own father Richard died a soldier in France, his mother Sofie died in 1991, his sister Ushi in 2006, and his brother Richard the same day. Now they are together again. While working in Germany during his youth he waited on an Australian embassy official who told him he could go there for free on a ship. First they took him to outback Western Australia where he worked at a mine. Eventually he ended up in Melbourne where he met a beautiful German woman working at the Windsor hotel. He married her, Gertrud, and in 1957 they had their first child, Suzanne. Children would become a feature of his life having 5 of his own, 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. He was a good man, death is inevitable. The average man in Australia lives to 82, he made 85. Let’s celebrate his life rather than mourn his death. We can be sad for not being able to see him again. He loved a good celebration. To name a few restaurants where he worked; “The Abbey of Diamond Creek”, “The Hofbrauhaus”, “Hunters Lodge”, “Capers”. My enduring memory of Heinz is his sincerity and honesty. 





5 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. Such a beautiful eulogy, fitting for a man whose life was a colourful and rich tapestry, full of vigour, serendipity and above all, joy and contentment. Rest in peace, my beloved father-in-law, Karl Heinz Rudolf Homberger who always had a gentle and caring disposition, a smile on his face, kind words for every person in the room, and hearty laughter that filled the entire atmosphere. He will be remembered for his infinite kindness and generosity of soul, his immense ability to put others before him, to be of quiet and thoughtful service even in his own home, and for his intelligent and robust conversations. I’ll never forget what Heinz told me once when I first met him – he said to me, “You’re the best thing to have happened to my son.” He was a good man. And I will miss him very very much. Rest in eternal peace, my dearest father-in-law. We will see you and sit down for a meal and a conversation in the other realm.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family on this sad occasion. Take care my friend and may your late Dad Rest In Peace.

  3. Heinz was a wonderful Father to Richard our gorgeous son in law, a fantastic father in law to our darling daughter Jane and a wonderful Opa to our four grandchildren. Sofie, Charles, Hugh and Edward. He was such a lovely human being and he so much loved posting on Facebook. Our thoughts go out to all the Homberger family as they have lost a very precious human being. Rest in peace Heinz.

  4. Awesome words Mat. You have honoured your dad with the example of your own life and marriage. Your dad must have been so proud of you. As a friend who has known you only a little while I am honoured and proud too. ☺