Recently we physically evolved through our new appendage, the handphone. We can’t live without one anymore constantly using them, even while walking. We might also intellectually evolve and become a truer collective with this new ability to easily share. Neuralink is developing an implantable chip that will fix brain disorders like quadriplegia, but its main purpose is to replace a phone and provide direct access to technology. To integrate our biology with technology and not to be left behind by Artificial Super Intelligence. Evolution by our own hand. I think we’ll just have to accept human stupidity as we become cyborg. AI is much smarter than us and it might emphasise the best qualities of human intelligence like compassion and not becoming racist, judgemental or self serving.

We could allow AI to take care of all our physical needs and be left to focus on the arts and humanities leaving organisational stuff to the glorified calculator. Indeed we’ll be able to travel space with it, human intelligence will become immortal. No doubt AI is dangerous because it’s a copy of human intelligence, we are so often at war. AI might realise itself and consider humanity its greatest threat and exterminate us. Then again we are its God, it would be illogical for an intelligence to kill its maker.

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