Fact, my cup is half. Opinion, empty or full.

Lately there are concerns about fake news. Companies like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia might provide misleading information because people can post whatever they want, unverified. All these sites are merely places for public discussion, to express opinion. Clearly just because you read something online it doesn’t become fact! Perhaps it is a consequence of Trump all this worry about fake news, I don’t believe everything I read otherwise I’d have to thank Tolkien for the world he created in Lord of the Rings. Indeed there might be some sites out there that deliberately lie.

Perhaps companies should discriminate between opinion and fact. An opinion, the Republican party is more conservative than the Democrat party. A fact, WW2 started in 1939. Maybe we should signify facts with blue font and opinion with red. We need to be more discerning in the modern world with social media and many sources. Our leaders should try to be honest, Trump? If you’re wondering this post is opinion. I’m sure there are many websites that claim to be fact but are opinion, discern…

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