I loved film before coma so here is another post about an old one, perhaps I’m becoming normal again. Stanley Kubrick was my favourite film maker, or perhaps Tarkovsky. We recently watched a Kubrick film, Eyes Wide Shut. Very different to his classic A Space Odyssey 2001. 2001 was about intelligence, alien or Artificial. Eyes Wide Shut about raw emotion and the human body. I think the films contrast the mind and body, a distinction that’s always been problematic.

For humans sex is central. There are two sexes, man and woman, and then the act of sex for pleasure or emotion and procreation. He considers desire focusing on emotion, on love and pleasure for each sex. It’s interesting that in both films Kubrick arrives at fundamentals, we think and feel. “A Space Odyssey” is about thinking and the potential existence of other intelligence, maybe alien or artificial. Eyes Wide Shut is about feeling. It was good to watch Eyes Wide Shut again, during the time of the”me too” movement.