Ao Nang

I thought to write another post about my fascination with airports on this trip but thought better of it and not to bother any readers with my diatribe. So I write from the plane instead. We’re returning to one of my favorite places to celebrate Christmas / New Year, Ao Nang, Thailand. We have been there the last 3 Christmases I think, and met an old friend there for New Years eve a couple ago. Anyway the main point of this post is to wish other coma victims a merry Christmas and happy new year, we’ve made it to another Christmas. I can’t really remember the one before my accident but know it was at my sisters place in Eltham Australia, now Ao Nang in Thailand.

For other coma victims with walking problems the first place to start is heel / toe. I walked at the gym on the treadmill using my heel first recently, afterwards I got a familiar sensation in my leg, physical but one of confidence I thought. The very first time I have had that sensation after 5 years. I’ve been focussing on heel first for the past two years and have noticed very gradual improvement. I’m trying always to make the bad side function like the good one. The good foot turns up quite sharply when I take steps walking, if my right foot can do that naturally I will almost be walking normally I suspect. On the plane I needed to fill in my arrival card but was determined to try and do it myself rather than have my wife complete it for me as she usually does. I also often try to lift my good leg knee and balance on my bad one while holding a rail or wall with my right hand. I would sometimes fall over while trying to balance on my right leg in this way but not anymore after doing it for about a year. It’s slowly getting better. I have many such games that I play with myself to try and improve my balance, walking and the right side of my body after coma. Although the worst thing now is that my brain is remembering Menier’s disease. Just anticipating an episode of tinnitus like I had before my accident where I couldn’t walk at all. I did get tinnitus once 3 years ago, about a week of difficulty but it stopped. So many things my brain and body are telling me but I don’t know how to answer.

More interesting though are my other two common topics on this blog, evolution and global warming. Through the human creation of AI we are evolving. Also I suspect the prospects of human survival are diminishing as the planet warms. They have taken a bad turn with Trump giving important environmental posts to people who don’t believe in climate change despite the scientific communities measurements and the fact the poles are disappearing. Even Trump himself doesn’t believe in climate change. Perhaps it is time for human extinction after all. The earth will become a rock without vegetation after warming. Flying here cruising at 36,000 feet there was a fog, I remember flying at 20,000 feet there was always blue sky as you were flying above the clouds. Indeed global warming is having an impact now.