Coma victims, well I went to the gym recently to progress my recovery and try to get into better shape but running on the tread mill my toes started bleeding and it’s taken until now for them to start healing, coma badly effected my right foot. My toes don’t know how to behave normally anymore, they just do their own thing. However since that session they are getting closer, I hope to be able to try and run again late next week. I’ve experienced many setbacks with my right leg but more than 4.5 years after coma I remain hopeful, please brain develop the new pathway. Perhaps in another 4.5 years I’ll be able to walk normally again. It still feels very different to my good foot, something akin to constant subtle pins and needles. Just lying in bed I often get a cramp in my right leg and must stand for a bit to get rid of it, after sleeping too it can happen! The picture is actually how my resting foot looks, I’m not trying to make it look like that.

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