It is such a fundamental human activity to hate, it has caused many wars and deaths, and then the other human ability, to forgive, truly amazing humanity is. It appears that the people closest to me can hate. As a consequence of what happened to me they hated other opinions. Opinions can vastly differ, on any subject, theirs were so different on what to do for me they resulted in one of the most extreme differences of opinion. To this day it has not healed. They are not at war however. Forgiveness is a truly beautiful quality and perhaps the most courageous of all that is human. We humans have created hate, and love, all emotions, we have indeed created language which expresses them, perhaps we have transformed our animal emotions through language.. Forgiveness. I fear that I have now lost my readership, stay here, it’s a nicer place than across the road. Than the other side. Oh please forgive me, this site is an accident. A motorcycle accident. I forgive everyone of anything, it’s never too despicable for me.