It’s a German word geld, a very small difference from the English gold, it means money. Money is perhaps the most overwhelming of our inventions, another invention the economy, to assign value to everything and this principle is taking us over. I don’t really care for it but everyone says we need money.

We assign monitory value to all things, even human life. How much do you earn? Got much of the green stuff? I will even like you more if your flush with it. So many comparisons and values consider it the most relevant thing in this world, it has taken over our judgement and we don’t focus much any more on our experience of life. Das Geld. Always a song come to mind “I don’t owe you anything”…

3 thoughts on “Geld

  1. Such food for thought. I’m reading this as I spend another day in paradise working for a living, for more of the green stuff or multi-coloured stuff as in the case of the country I’m in. Humanity has descended to this. We work to live versus live to work which is what the people of ancient times did. Consider Michaelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci.

  2. Soulfulness is priceless or should I say one’s soul is priceless. But it’s interesting how capitalism has its roots in the Protestant ethic which maintaiined the view that the good Christian accumulates his wealth in both this and the heavenly realms.