Coma presents a monolith, I feel that I am recovered but must still use a walking stick and have memory loss. I am starting to wonder if these problems are a consequence of coma, or at 55 the beginnings of old age. A couple of little pangs now and then, perhaps caused by natural decay.

Overall I believe I am recovered from coma, a matter of confidence as sometimes I think not because of my walking and memory. I need to do more research on memory retention techniques, online they say with practice it can be improved. Recovered or not we must deal with the nuances of life.

People say they don’t notice ageing but for me I noticed turning 50. Ageing was seamless before but little pangs and difficulties have emerged. The biggest consequence of coma is lack of certainty, everything has become questionable. Perhaps that too is a consequence of aging, but maybe coma talking again, no certainty…

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