I used to think about global warming constantly, and today. The disastrous effects of humanity on the planet earth. I mean are we really so self destructive? Should we continue to use coal and petrol for our power and destroy our planet? We are inventing alternatives all the time. Let’s continue to live a little longer until the aliens arrive. A NASA study, the link of which I put on this site, says we are heading towards irreversible change. Obviously we are moving towards dramatic climate change, every indicator is pointing towards it’s global effects. There are so many people today we can’t just continue to grow. It would be extremely unintelligent of humankind not to acknowledge the changes our civilisation has had on the planet, which are evident for all to see. I like our music, art, ballet, literature, etc… we create, that is truly human, not the economy and poverty it’s manifestation. Why persist towards our end rather than focus on the best elements of our species. Another latte my friend, can’t hurt except for the production of everything that we use for a coffee today.

irreversible change