Another song come to mind, “no recovery, each day is a terrible discovery”. Probably you come here for a coffee with me to see how I’m recovering. I suspect it’s going as well as can be expected, I’m trying to think and walk again. It seems to be a very very very long process. Today I don’t expect to ever walk normally again. Perhaps too my thinking has been altered, but for the better I think, thinking. It’s been a great opportunity to assess my life, the ‘about me’ page does that. This section ‘thoughts’ also assesses my life and what I’m think about today, I’m healing. A macchiato my friend?

One Reply to “Heal”

  1. The recovery that you’ve made so far is nothing short of astounding and remarkable, beyond medical conventions and beliefs. All of us who know you and have witnessed your transitions from day one to now are all amazed by your resilience, willpower and extraordinary ability to self-heal. You’ve also healed others around you along the way, helped them to turn negativity into positive energy, and inspired people to live their lives with intent and meaning, as you have. You’re a healer who heals 🙂