Marburg is a great place which stands to reason as my father was a great man, Karl Heinz Rudolph Homberger. His home town, he was better known as Heinze. I’ve been here many times, the first we had our 5th birthday here in Marburg, ich mit mein zwillinge. My mind wanders, my Opa (Grandfather) lived here until WW2. Many of my ancestors come from here.

My mother comes from nearby, about 100km to Wiesbaden, they had to travel half way around the world to meet, in Melbourne Australia. They visited their home land many times. We once came especially to be in their home towns with them as adults, me and my identical twin. The photo is of where my Opa worked before the war, Richardt Homberger gearbeitet at Cafè Vetters. Like all my posts I’ll probably add to this one as I experience Marburg.