Today AI has access to human knowledge recorded digitally. It also can process that information’s precisely according to human systems. Mathematics or medicine come to mind. We are developing AI surgeons to operate on human beings.

The world abounds with digital sensors, AI has access to much of our reality. AI may help us repair the damage caused by carbon emissions. Provide us a method for removing carbon from atoms. There are many opportunities for AI.  AI is very good at processing facts, but perhaps is ultimately inferior to Human Intelligence.

There is something beyond AI’s perception, emotion. We haven’t yet built a machine that exhibits imagination and creativity, fundamentals of human intelligence. To put it another way a machine that can feel, has emotions.

I once thought AI a superior intellect for observable facts but it can’t make moral judgements, for example choose peace over war. AI is an extension of us, we invented it, but at the end of the day it is a computer, a machine. Having said that I think AI is the most dramatic human invention since primitive person invented the wheel.