To my fellow coma victims, it really is a constant struggle now that our brains have been damaged. It seems to be a process of ups and downs, just when you thought you were improving it suddenly gets much worse. All I can say is what the doctors told me, time is your best friend. I think I’m at the end of hoping to return to former times, just trying my best to accept this new me. My only advice is to keep active in the hope that the new pathways in your brain can become entrenched. Chin up dear victim and carry on how  you want to live, otherwise it would have been better to be over for us.

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hope is what sustains us and inspires action. We have time on our side, just need to keep the flame burning 🙂 And look how far you have come and managed to overcome. It’s really staggering and awe-inspiring when you think of it.