img_0016I was considering today’s topic here over coffee again, beauty garden, I repeat my doings. I thought a universal human condition is hope. It all depends on the current situation, the object of our hope. Pragmatic things usually, but hope also extends beyond our present circumstance and we hope more deeply about everything. I can hope to cross paths with somebody or to win a prize, maybe in the casino, superficial stuff. But hope goes much deeper. I could again start to talk of belief at this point but that would become repetitive of me. I hope entanglement theory becomes accepted, like atomic theory has. We all know about the atom but not the tangle. I suspect it already is accepted more or less. I could speak of more personal hopes, for example I hope I get a message from my dad soon because I haven’t heard from him for ages, but not here, I am returning to the superficial. Another coffee my friend?