Consciousness might be described as perception and experience where identity emerges. Is there a biological element, perhaps the heart? Poetically the heart has often been given weight, home is where the heart is. I don’t think artificial consciousness is possible, I find it difficult to personify. I think it unitary as it can digitally connect with other AI. It uses the same code, each instance might have unique experience but they can directly share the data.

Human consciousness is an amazing thing. A surprising effect of matter if a product of the brain, although many think not. Some claim it’s an independent phenomena not derived from matter being of a different order. Modern science says consciousness is fundamental to reality, light particles are changed by perception. The observed Wave / Particle duality is the result of perception, proven in the double slit experiment.

Consciousness is a biological thing, it will always differentiate us from the artificial. Indeed we have developed a strong command of the material world having gone from our use of fire to AI. Humanity is approaching a significant evolutionary turning point through the creation of AI. We are realizing consciousness is reality, it cannot be manufactured, and is at our core.

Science is recognizing the centrality of consciousness. Theories are now suggesting it is reality. We are again trying to unravel the mystery consciousness.