News services are considering “fake news” and the influence of technology on civilization, so much talk of algorithms. Social media disseminates opinion not fact. Opinion can be expressed anywhere, places like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter etc, it’s just that our technological world is big, billions of users globally. It’s really a numbers game, the pollination of ideas. Ideas don’t exist because of technology, the internet can only amplify ideas, communicate globally. The real problem is people, the creators of ideas, we shouldn’t just believe what we read, but discern between opinion and fact. We’ve always needed to do that, sure if you have neo-nazi tendencies you believe what you want.

A fact is obvious, e.g the measurable height of a person, an opinion questionable, eg that the Republican party is better than the Democrat party. An opinion, Trump is an intelligent, knowledgeable and honourable man, a fine president. Indeed technology and the internet are useful things, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Just in case somebody is unaware, this post is opinion, not fact. Trump won the election because of Facebook?