Fellow coma victims,

To return to the main point of this blog, the thoughts of a coma victim which may be of interest given this blogger left ordinary consciousness for a while. I don’t know but life does seem a little more profound since I almost lost it.

Sure problems persist for me after coma, many issues including balance and controlling the right hand side of my body. Perhaps insights into life also occured during it. Maybe I have seen another side of existence.

People often ask what coma was like. So immersed in linear and logical thought the human mind is, I suspect coma taught me of another mind. In science great minds have described theories like entanglement, scientists have discovered that particles can communicate faster than the speed of light or through some other means. Perhaps when in coma we become aware of these other means. Science is a human interpretation of the world derived from observable fact, it continues to change our world. Such a fundamental part of life, change.