Well England decided today to leave the EU. Perhaps it is time again to go local. Human beings exist in physical bodies, that is the first separation, then perhaps we can talk of countries. I think we have been changed by technology, the Internet, aeroplanes, cities, etc, and have become global. Scotland chose the EU though, maybe they will still leave Great Britain. Indeed there are many attitudes towards how humanity¬†should progress, individually or collectively. I think we have evolved and should take the collective route. The world is a smaller place today… Humans always fancy change and why not, let’s leave the EU, bring on global warming… Let’s meet at the ‘local’ for a beer, an Australianism, let’s leave ASEAN… Through technology politics is becoming so interactive nowadays, the news always comments on public opinion in Facebook or Twitter… always polling for public opinion. Perhaps politics is becoming more interactive through technology.

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