Luang Prabang

We’re traveling again, this time to one of my favourite cities in all of Asia – Luang Prabang, Laos. Another good test for my memory as I’ve been here many times before coma, not since. An old French colonial town with a great restaurant of that cusine by recollection. Lots of temples (wats) and Buddhist monks. A real timeout from the hustle and bustle, dare I say a spiritual place. Lao is a journey back in time. Flying through the capital village Vientiane, village is more appropriate then city as the airport is surrounded by greenery and not many buildings. I saw houses and didn’t see a building taller than 5 stories, only one of those. Extremely rare and different to Singapore or any other modern western city, heaven forbid New York. And then the airport at Luang Prabang was even further back in time, flying through rock formations and forests. Indeed being here must be like life a long long time ago, maybe 100 years. Walking the streets of Luang Prabang there are old primitive buildings. We found that French restaurant I remembered, L’Elephant. That animal seems to be an emblem for them here. We had an excellent dinner last night focussed on flavour and texture. Not very much I remember from before coma but one thing I recall, I loved ‘andoiette’, we’ll have to hunt for that sausage of pigs intestine tomorrow.  But then again I’m told I also loved the Lao buffalo at the market.