There are reports of Near Death Experience (NDE) quite similar, they are consistent. For the concept of NDE to exist at all says something. Travelling in Thailand I was told by a person I met of an experience they had in a hospital operation. He felt cold during and saw a light and thought he should go there for warmth. The he heard the nurse say we’ve lost him, to which he replied “I’m still here”. The nurse couldn’t hear him. Another unknown voice said to him he must go back and then he felt cold again but survived the operation.

NDE’s are quite common. The ‘National Geographic’ of April 2016 has an article about NDE called ‘Crossing Over’ which says

“…he was dead for more than an hour and a half, days later he left the hospital alive and well. His story is one of many prompting scientists to question the very meaning of death”.

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  1. I don’t know why I thought of this when I read your post. Maybe your talk of religious belief versus scientific belief which is mentioned half way through in the video. You might like it, it might be slightly relevant.