Just trying to come up with today’s post, most days I have something already written, were on the fly today. I don’t really care for what I’m thinking, bring back the Giraffes, but I’m trying to be honest and include all thoughts every day. The below is presently in my mind, each day is another, we cannot stay the same. We have closed our minds, and make judgements about everything. We are so certain and fixed in our thoughts that we won’t even try to believe, for example in quirky things like magic or religion. I personally think life itself is magical, but we have forgotten how to take different views of the world. Views that don’t comply with our education and thought, with our society. This closure may prevent us from evolving one day. We need to be always open to a discussion or view, a new idea, no need to not think and feel about the world or different peoples perspective on life.

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