Hong Kong

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet me start by affirming that Hong Kong is an excellent place, more real than Singapore I feel although I have constantly been considering our next move in my head. For some unknown reason I have been thinking about another imminent flight and brought this up with my wife to learn we are already at our destination. I offered to show email chains which didn’t exist, I really did believe we were about to depart. Apparently shortly after coma I would always demand to change planes or hotels such was my dislocation, it seems I’m not yet past this state. I often must figure out where I am now and what I did yesterday. Sitting in this cafe in Hong Kong I’m always thinking it’s my last day here but that thought is not accurate, I have many more days. My mind has never been so muddled, I am now thinking it’s just part of the recovery process. We need somebody we can trust and rely on to ask, I would be lost both literally and figuratively without my wife.

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