My memory is appalling. “Memories that make no sense, memories in future tense”, a song I can’t get out of my head of late. I wonder what kind of person I have been in my life past, I can choose the future. Speaking of past requires memory, perhaps present doesn’t. Although present requires perception and some recall, like I say mine is bad. I suspect I was an ok person in the past, but we all have different memories of events. I often use a photo of myself in Egypt in front of the Giza pyramid, if that’s what it’s called. But I cannot remember having gone there, the photo is evidence. We are defined by our past, to forget is like dying. Fancy not remembering going to such a powerful place for human beings, the pyramids. It really is appalling. Now what did I do yesterday? Many people say I can re-experience life and go to such places again, anew. I remember to come to this coffee shop daily to meet you. A latte my friend?