Walking the street or on the train everybody is on a phone these days. It seems as important to us as our arms and legs. It’s all about communication, something we’ve always done but are taking to another level. We are taking an evolutionary leap forward through these devices, by them we are truly becoming a collective. The “cloud”.

5G point to point WiFi will be a turning point for the phone. We can be anywhere in the world and get services because of it. Things like education, medicine, self driving cars.

For me the biggest worry is so much data flying about us at every turn. They say at current levels WiFi is effecting human health. People have moved to areas without WiFi and successfully cured related ailments.

We should be careful with 5 G. Discussing WiFi developments with a physicist recently he suggested that WiFi was everywhere. He agreed that WiFi pollution effects human health, he had examples. 5G will help humans in many ways but let’s make sure it’s safe.