Space has become a playground for the billionaire; Bezos, Branson and Musk whose projects include SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, Energy, Mars, Artificial Intelligence… Perhaps narcissistic, Musk isn’t a movie star but has become the most famous person alive. Neuralink aspires to evolution by our own hand. It will provide the brain direct access to digital information. We will become cyborg, a truer collective able to share data more easily. We might even transcend money, primarily used for exchange and to share. Money has made Elon famous but I think he uses it for human betterment.

I thought to defend Elon Musk, being the richest person in the world he cops a fair bit. He uses his money to do the things we must. Things that governments should be doing. He is providing hope in the face of global warming. His best vision is to become multi-planetary as at some point we will face extinction, either by meteorite or our own hand.