Older people can be quite profound now that I realise, for I am one of them, they would often suggest that I would understand the nuances later. I am now surrounded by elderly people in this place in Bukit Batok. Conversations from the past are coming back to me here, I can better understand the meaning of these talks. Older types previously said things in a more understanding way, I remember being told to wait and see the outcome of a situation or that I will understand one day, where are these older people today to help me to understand situations better, oh I forgot, I don’t need them any more because I’m one of them now, perhaps people older than I am now know something more than I.

One thought on “Old

  1. With age comes clarity and simplicity, perhaps the defining characteristics of wisdom. What I really like about ageing is the fact that the more time I clock, the more I know who I am and what I want out of this lifespan. I think ageing gracefully means tender awareness and acceptance of the inevitability of ageing.